Before You Call

There are a lot of air conditioners fired up for this summer, which also means there are a lot of air conditioners that have broken down. It’s a part of life; Products sometimes fail and you have to live with the consequences and attempt to get the problems fixed as soon as possible. With record heat outside and an economic recession hitting families hard, hiring a repairman to fix the problem may not be in the current budget. So before you pick up the phone do these couple of things and see if you can get it back up and running on your own.

– Make sure the thermostat is set to COOL

– Be sure your AC condenser is running properly by looking at the circuit breakers in your electrical panel and making sure they’re set to the ON position. Next be sure to check that the air conditioner disconnect switch and make sure it is in the ON position.

– Make sure the blower motor is running and check to make sure the ON/ OFF switch on your furnace is set to ON.

– Make sure you have fresh filters and you change or clean them monthly.

– Make sure your floor vents are not blocked by furniture and check all supply vents to make sure they’re open and blowing air.