The Rapid Changes

In Northern Virginia, one day can be 65 degrees out and the next could be 30 degrees. With the unpredictable weather throughout the year, you may be spending more money on heating and air conditioning than you should be. Since the weather changes so often and so drastically, many do not bother to install or manage a comfortable home temperature with a thermostat. Here at HavaTech Inc we highly recommend two simple things that will save you a tremendous amount of money on your heating and air conditioning bills throughout the year. We recommend that you get your heating and air conditioning units checked regularly and we also recommend that you install and use a thermostat daily.

Our first recommendation is to have your units checked regularly throughout the year. A good time to have them checked includes the spring and the fall; right before the temperatures are going to change for an extended period of time. Getting units checked regularly by professionals at HataTech Inc ensures proper efficiency and less worry. After a checkup and tune up, your HVAC systems will be functioning at optimal capacity and you will save money due to the increase in efficiency. Another recommendation we have is to make sure you have and use thermostats in your home. Thermostats are perfect for regulating temperature and will save you hundreds on your gas and electric bills over the years. Thermostats allow you to keep the heat or air conditioning off when you are not home and allow you to sleep comfortably without worrying if you are wasting money on useless heat or air conditioning costs. Remember these two helpful tips and don’t hesitate to contact HavaTech Inc with any questions you may have!

End of Winter Deals

On February 2nd 2012, the famous groundhog Puxatony Phil saw his shadow indicating that there will be six more weeks of winter. While this may have caused disappointment for many, it also may have reminded people of a couple special deals that Havatech Inc has, which don’t expire until winters end. Currently, HavaTech has three promotions that can save you and your family a great deal of money. These promotions will expire at winters end so it is important to take full advantage of these major savings soon! Whether you need a new HVAC unit, need a checkup to make sure everything is running right, or are looking for some money back on a recent installation, HavaTech has a unique deal for each different circumstance!

Our first special comes in the form of a rebate. If you are in the market for a new unit for your home or apartment let HavaTech successfully install your unit and take full advantage of a rebate up to $1200. Another deal HavaTech is offering up before winters end includes a tax rebate of up to $500 for any new installation. While taxes are on everyone’s mind and nobody likes paying them, if you had a recent installation on any unit from HavaTech or are in the market for a new instillation, call or email us to find exactly how you can save big money on your upcoming taxes. The final promotion applies to individuals who need a check up on any of there HVAC units. Like people go to annual checkups at the doctors, your homes HVAC units also are important to have looked at to ensure proper efficiency. HavaTech is running a special where they will come out and provide you with a detailed check up for only $59.99. This is a very good deal and expires soon so be sure to take full advantage by visiting us online or calling us and asking about the special deal.

While the winter is coming to a close, the savings never do with HavaTech. We do our very best to offer our clients the best deal in the industry while still maintaining the best service in the industry. Get your savings now by visiting our website and giving us a call!

Cleaning the Air Ducts

Your heating system is very similar to a car. Over the years it racks up wear and tear and begins to slow down due to access build up of dirt and other particles in the systems air duct. Fortunately, however if the system is properly taken care of and cleaned every so often, it can run at an efficient and cost effective level for a very long time. This winter, if you haven’t already done so be sure to take the proper steps to clean your heating systems air duct or hire a professional from Hava Tech Inc to do it. The proper cleaning of these air ducts to remove dust and other debris allows your heating unit to produce at maximum capacity. With these excess particles gone, not only will your house be circulating cleaner air, but it will also lower the heating bill and keep you warmer quicker due to increased efficiency.

A simple task like cleaning your air ducts can be very rewarding in the short term and long term. Here at Hava Tech Inc, we encourage you to take the steps needed to clean your heating systems air ducts safely and properly. We love to see our customers get the very most out of there HVAC units and are happy to help with anything that you may need professional assistance with. If you have any questions about air duct cleaning or are interested in more tips and tricks in the HVAC industry be sure to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Saving Money on Heating

We all love to save money in places where it is easy to save. While the winter may increase the cost of heating your home, there are a few different things you can do to keep the cost down and temperature up. Hava Tech Inc loves to see their clients save as much money as possible when it comes to anything related to heating and air conditioning. We go to great strives to make sure you get not only the best services and deals, but also the best tips and tricks. Below you will see a couple of little things that you can do in the wintertime to make your heating much more efficient and cost effective.

1. Remove the Drafts- Drafts from doors, windows and other home designs can waste anywhere from 5- 30% of your homes energy use. Be sure to cover up drafts in the home by placing towels under the doors, and sealing off windows. Keep the drafts away and you will surely see improvement in heating efficiency.

2. Reverse your fans in your home- While most believe that fans are only used for cooling, they don’t realize the improvement that they can have on heating efficiency by putting that same fan that cools, in reverse. By putting the fan in reverse, warm air that rises is pushed back down toward the ground making you living space warmer and reducing energy use by around 10%.

3. Insulate the windows- Go to the local hardware store and pick up some insulation plastic for windows. Use that plastic to add a buffer and some extra insulation from the frigid outdoor weather. The plastic is virtually invisible and will help with heating costs.

If you can follow those simple tips above, you should see a large improvement in heating efficiency along with a lower bill at the end of the month. As always, visit us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips like these as well as the latest deals and offers.

Happy New Year!

HavaTech has had a wonderful past year and is very much looking forward to serving the Northern Virginia community in 2012. We have made some progressive changes in 2011 and will continue to improve our efforts and service to help you and your family in the New Year. During this past year we have offered new deals, launched a brand new social media campaign and have continued to provide the best service to families in the area. In the New Year, along with continuing our superior service, HavaTech will focus on informative blogs, reports and news along with brand new deals on repairs and installation of your desired HVAC units.

We are looking to bring the HavaTech community together even more via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In the New Year, you will see more updates, more fans and more interaction, all designed to improve your HavaTech experience. HavaTech is constantly making attempts to make your experience better. We have big plans and new ideas in these changing times so get ready for new deals and special offers along with more stories and helpful hints. We at HavaTech are very thankful to have you as our customers and take great pleasure in serving you. We wish a wonderful Holiday season and a very happy New Year!

New Year Repairs

As the colder weather is finally amongst us, the last thing that a household wants to experience is a malfunctioning heating system.  However, in the unfortunate event that this does affect you during the holiday season, HAVA Tech Incorporated is available to provide you with some cheer.  HAVA Tech is Northern Virginia’s best heating repair technicians because they are skilled in all types of heating and air conditioning systems.  HAVA Tech Inc. specializes in all types of heating system areas, including heating repair, heating pump repair, and gas furnace repair just to name a few.  Additionally, HAVA Tech Inc. carries major heating and air conditioning unit brands such as Trane, Lennox, and Carrier to ensure that they will be able to help repair any issues that you may be having with your heating system.

HAVA Tech Incorporated’s quality of work in the field is only part of what this company can offer.  HAVA Tech also has an on demand service running seven days a week for any urgent problems that occur with your heating system.  HAVA Tech insists that their customers contact them as soon as a problem occurs so that they can come and fix the problem before you and your family has to suffer from it.  Also, available until the end of winter is a Winter Checkup for your heating system, which is reasonably priced at $59.95.  This is a service that HAVA Tech provides to make sure that your heating system is up and running for the entire winter, and any problems that they may come across during the inspection can surely be fixed by HAVA Tech’s trained and specialized employees.  Although there are a number of local heating and air conditioning repair and installation services in the Northern Virginia area, HAVA Tech easily out performs all of the competition.  HAVA Tech’s vast knowledge of brands and specialization in all types of heating and air conditioning problems sets them apart from all the other companies making them the best choice when dealing with a faulty heating unit during the cold months.  HAVA Tech will be sure to solve any problem that you encounter to make your holiday season warm and enjoyable.

Finance It!

In this troubling economy, people are finding new ways to save money on their expenses. Some for-go any luxuries just to pay their minimum expenses or repairs they may have in their house. Others take out loans from the bank and get stuck with ridiculous interest rates in which they end up paying for years on end. If you have any trouble with your expenses Hava Tech Inc can help.

Whether it is replacing your existing heater pump or installing a new gas furnace, Hava Tech will ensure that the services will be able to meet your financial needs. Payments with no deferred interest are available to customers who are interested. Hava Tech also Offers affordable monthly payments and includes no annual fees. These monthly payments are set up so that families who have a tight budget are able to afford the payments without having to constantly struggle with their other financial obligations. The best financing option that Hava Tech supports is no down payment on the services that are rendered. This leaves ample time for the customers to organize their expenses and give them a sense of relief from all of their financial obligations.

Acceptance of varied credit lines is also available. Hava Tech will allow customers for monthly payments even ones with a poor credit score. This gives the customers a chance to improve their credit score and simultaneously pay for the services. Approvals for financing are done quickly and easily so as to save time and money. Hava Tech cares about their customers and strives to help them in their fiscal situations to make it possible for them to receive the services, which Hava Tech offers.

Ice Malfunction

Imagine yourself running a restaurant and suddenly on a hot a summer day, your ice machine breaks down. What will you do? Ice machines are crucial in the restaurant business because there is a constant need for a way to cool a drink. There are warning signs that one can notice to prevent catastrophes like this one.

Although the water supply that runs to the machine provides clean and healthy water, there are some impurities that can be left behind. By changing your water filter, you can prevent a change in taste or colors in your ice cubes. Most manufactures recommend changing your ice machines water filter twice a year to maintain optimal ice cube taste and visibility. To prevent any odors or changes in taste you must clean the inside of the ice bin by disconnecting the whole machine and washing and scrubbing any residue caused by any standing water. Another way to clean the whole machine is by pouring a cleaning solution into the ice reservoir to give it a thorough cleaning. After doing so you must let the machine run with water a couple times to remove any leftover cleaning solution.

Sometimes ice maker does not produce enough ice in dire times. This can be due to heat. The heat that surrounds the ice maker can greatly affect the creation of the ice. In order to produce as much ice as possible it is important to note that the ice maker should be in the coolest place possible, away from the kitchen or any doors leading outside. The machine should also not be filled up all the way. This will kick off the auto shut off feature and will not produce anymore ice; thus allowing the ice to melt inside. It is also important to keep the evaporator clean so that the heat does not build up within the machine.

If your ice maker ever breaks down, then it is best to consult with professionals like us here at Havatech who can any break down expenses and give you a competitive estimate on how much it will be to fix it. Using Havatech will greatly reduce the cost of repairing the machine and will ensure that the job will be done well. Ice makers are intricate machines so one mistake that is done inside of them during repairing them can lead to more malfunctions and eventually another breakdown. Making sure that the process of repairing the icemaker goes smoothly is crucial. These machines are vital to the success of a business and should be treated as a great asset. Call us or visit our Facebook page with anymore questions or inquiries.

Dangerous Decisions

Repairing HVAC units can be a tempting offer if you are tight on money or time. Unfortunately, trying to repair units yourself is very dangerous and can lead to a lot more stress than relief. Many underestimate the dangers of repairing units without professional knowledge. These dangers are real and the consequences of making an error while repairing an HVAC unit can be dreadful. Below you will find some vital information to consider before running down to your basement to fix a problem with your HVAC unit as soon as it goes haywire.

If your HVAC unit breaks or stops working, you must consider your experience and expertise about these units before you log on to your computer, read an article and go into your basement to attempt a repair. While it may seem like you can learn everything you need to know about how to fix a unit online, without having the proper training, chances are you will struggle to do a good job and this will surely lead to future problems. As soon as you encounter a problem, you should call an expert to come to your home and assess the situation. Repair men have the necessary knowledge and experience to be able to identify and fix the problem. They are paid to ensure the problem gets fixed and doesn’t happen again. Well the internet is a great resource, without proper knowledge and experience, chances are that you will misunderstand the problem and make an error when attempting to fix the problem.

Another, even more critical risk of attempting to fix an HVAC problem yourself is possible injury or even death. HVAC units are very dangerous if not treated properly. Never mind the potential of having your unit break again due to a bad repair, a self repair that is not flawless has the potential to severely injure you and cause a unnecessary trip to the emergency room. Electrocution is the main danger associated with HVAC repair and it happens to more people than you may think. In the end, the dangers associated severely outweigh the potential reward. Most people who attempt to fix a problem themselves spend more time and money than they would have if they called a repair person. Your best option is to allow the professionals to take care of your problem. At HavaTech, we have the trained personnel to ensure a proper fix and no injuries to you or your family. Make the right decision and let the professionals repair your HVAC unit the right way!

Change Up

When the time comes to start using your heat instead of your air conditioning for the winter, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to save money and ensure safety.  Before you turn on the heat pump, be sure to check your home for gaps between windows and doors to keep the warm air in and the cold weather outdoors where it belongs.  It is also important to make sure that there is nothing blocking or crowding the space around the heat pump.  This will make certain that nothing interferes with your heat pump throughout the winter, which is important if you don’t want your living room to feeling like Antarctica during the winter. This includes checking for sticks, leaves or any other debris that may be lurking near the heat pump.  It is also necessary to inspect ducts, fans, and hoses annually to be sure that when the time comes to turn on the heat pump, it will actually turn on.  By taking these few simple precautions, you can minimize the cost of maintaining your heat pump.  Not only will this help you save money by limiting the maintenance required, but it wall also ensure that your heat pump is safe to use.  Improper care for your heat pump can cause accidental fires, cause debris to be blown through the air, and a variety of other problems.  With proper care and maintenance you can minimize costs and maximize safety for the winter months.