Change Up

When the time comes to start using your heat instead of your air conditioning for the winter, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to save money and ensure safety.  Before you turn on the heat pump, be sure to check your home for gaps between windows and doors to keep the warm air in and the cold weather outdoors where it belongs.  It is also important to make sure that there is nothing blocking or crowding the space around the heat pump.  This will make certain that nothing interferes with your heat pump throughout the winter, which is important if you don’t want your living room to feeling like Antarctica during the winter. This includes checking for sticks, leaves or any other debris that may be lurking near the heat pump.  It is also necessary to inspect ducts, fans, and hoses annually to be sure that when the time comes to turn on the heat pump, it will actually turn on.  By taking these few simple precautions, you can minimize the cost of maintaining your heat pump.  Not only will this help you save money by limiting the maintenance required, but it wall also ensure that your heat pump is safe to use.  Improper care for your heat pump can cause accidental fires, cause debris to be blown through the air, and a variety of other problems.  With proper care and maintenance you can minimize costs and maximize safety for the winter months.

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