Ice Malfunction

Imagine yourself running a restaurant and suddenly on a hot a summer day, your ice machine breaks down. What will you do? Ice machines are crucial in the restaurant business because there is a constant need for a way to cool a drink. There are warning signs that one can notice to prevent catastrophes like this one.

Although the water supply that runs to the machine provides clean and healthy water, there are some impurities that can be left behind. By changing your water filter, you can prevent a change in taste or colors in your ice cubes. Most manufactures recommend changing your ice machines water filter twice a year to maintain optimal ice cube taste and visibility. To prevent any odors or changes in taste you must clean the inside of the ice bin by disconnecting the whole machine and washing and scrubbing any residue caused by any standing water. Another way to clean the whole machine is by pouring a cleaning solution into the ice reservoir to give it a thorough cleaning. After doing so you must let the machine run with water a couple times to remove any leftover cleaning solution.

Sometimes ice maker does not produce enough ice in dire times. This can be due to heat. The heat that surrounds the ice maker can greatly affect the creation of the ice. In order to produce as much ice as possible it is important to note that the ice maker should be in the coolest place possible, away from the kitchen or any doors leading outside. The machine should also not be filled up all the way. This will kick off the auto shut off feature and will not produce anymore ice; thus allowing the ice to melt inside. It is also important to keep the evaporator clean so that the heat does not build up within the machine.

If your ice maker ever breaks down, then it is best to consult with professionals like us here at Havatech who can any break down expenses and give you a competitive estimate on how much it will be to fix it. Using Havatech will greatly reduce the cost of repairing the machine and will ensure that the job will be done well. Ice makers are intricate machines so one mistake that is done inside of them during repairing them can lead to more malfunctions and eventually another breakdown. Making sure that the process of repairing the icemaker goes smoothly is crucial. These machines are vital to the success of a business and should be treated as a great asset. Call us or visit our Facebook page with anymore questions or inquiries.