Preparing for Change

As the leaves begin to change and holiday decor begins to flood our stores, we can feel the change in seasons lurking right around the corner.  With this change in seasons comes a change in the weather as well, so instead of cuddling up next to the golden retriever, here are a few simple steps to take when preparing your home for these colder months.  One of the first steps to take is to remove any window AC units and stow them away in a safe place until spring and summer come back around.  It’s nothing personal; it’s just that much easier to keep the house warm without those bulky units in the window letting all the cold air in.  If you’re currently living in an apartment or other small area, some HVAC companies will remove and store the units for you until it’s time to bring them back out for the warm weather.  Next, it’s always a good idea to have your heater inspected before the cold kicks in.  This is not only important for safety reasons, but also so you don’t find yourself with a broken heater at 3 in the morning when it’s below freezing outside.  Luckily, most HVAC contractors will do this inspection for a relatively low cost.  The next thing to do is to seal any leaks, opening, or gaps around windows or doors with caulk.  This will keep the warm air from your heating system inside the house, while keeping the cold air outside where it belongs.  One of the last, and occasionally missed, steps to take is to have your dryer vents checked by your HVAC contractor to make sure they are properly vented.  Once these steps are taken, you are ready to fire up the heating system and stay warm as the colder months approach.