Every once and a while, your Air Conditioner goes on the fritz from factors out of your control. When this happens, there is no need to panic because the experienced technicians at HAVA Tech will repair the problem in a timely fashion. Northern Virginia has a number of companies who can repair air conditioning, but the employees at HAVA Tech are second to none. The difference lies in the experience, knowledge and courtesy of the technicians. Our technicians know how to repair the most sophisticated home cooling systems in a timely fashion and polite manner.
The members of our staff brings over a decade of air conditioning repair experience to you home, which means quality of service that you can rely on. Northern Virginia averages temperatures of nearly 90 degrees during the month of July. Without a functioning home cooling system, it can get even hotter indoors. Fixing the problem at the source to prevent reoccurring issues is what HAVA Tech does best so if you don’t want the runaround or recurring issues, go with us for your air conditioning repair needs!

Hava Tech Inc, a leader in heating and air conditioning service, has been successfully serving both commercial and residential customers in Northern Virginia and the surrounding Washington Metropolitan area for over ten years…

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