Saving Money on Heating

We all love to save money in places where it is easy to save. While the winter may increase the cost of heating your home, there are a few different things you can do to keep the cost down and temperature up. Hava Tech Inc loves to see their clients save as much money as possible when it comes to anything related to heating and air conditioning. We go to great strives to make sure you get not only the best services and deals, but also the best tips and tricks. Below you will see a couple of little things that you can do in the wintertime to make your heating much more efficient and cost effective.

1. Remove the Drafts- Drafts from doors, windows and other home designs can waste anywhere from 5- 30% of your homes energy use. Be sure to cover up drafts in the home by placing towels under the doors, and sealing off windows. Keep the drafts away and you will surely see improvement in heating efficiency.

2. Reverse your fans in your home- While most believe that fans are only used for cooling, they don’t realize the improvement that they can have on heating efficiency by putting that same fan that cools, in reverse. By putting the fan in reverse, warm air that rises is pushed back down toward the ground making you living space warmer and reducing energy use by around 10%.

3. Insulate the windows- Go to the local hardware store and pick up some insulation plastic for windows. Use that plastic to add a buffer and some extra insulation from the frigid outdoor weather. The plastic is virtually invisible and will help with heating costs.

If you can follow those simple tips above, you should see a large improvement in heating efficiency along with a lower bill at the end of the month. As always, visit us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips like these as well as the latest deals and offers.