Surge Protection

A surge protector is much more than a utility that allows you to plug in multiple plugs into one outlet. This inexpensive device can save valuable items such as your computers, televisions and even your home by preventing against power surges and potential electrical fires. When shopping for surge protectors however, it is important that you consider the specific features as it can make a huge difference in quality and could be the difference between a fried computer and a working one. Remember that the really cheap surge protectors are really cheap. They are mass-produced for a low cost but do not contain important aspects that truly prevent from power surges. When searching for a surge protector there are three must haves. If you answer yes to all three of these questions then we recommend you buy it, but if not, you may want to consider buying a different one.

Does it look and feel sturdy and not cheap?

Does it come with a good manufacturers warranty?

Do people give the product strong reviews online?