The Start of Fall, An Ideal Season for Northern Virginia

Between the middle of September and the middle of October is a great time for the people of Northern Virginia. Football season is underway, school is back in session and best of all, the weather is amazing. The temperature during this time of year averages between 65-75 degrees during the day. This is great news for homeowners because it is the chance to give you air conditioning and heating system a well-deserved break. Rather than running your heating and cooling systems during this time, try and open windows during the day and wrap yourself in covers at night.

Doing this will save you a good deal of money and give you ample time to get any problems that you may have with the A/C or heating systems fixed. It is not very often that Mother Nature allows us to live comfortably without heating or air conditioning. Enjoy this time, save some money and be sure to call us if you need any repairs or have any questions.