Wanna Go Tankless?

Trying to go green? Start by going tankless! Alternative energy and “going green” is a premium interest for both consumers and suppliers alike so we at Hava Tech would like to share some widespread environmental and economical advantages of Tankless Water Heaters. Though Tankless Water Heaters have not been a popular choice for consumers in the past for Hava Tech consumers, recently there has been an increase in interest due to their unique features that benefit the environment and individuals lifestyles. Tankless Water Heaters vary from traditional water heaters in their ability to supply an endless amount of hot water while being about 20 percent more efficient. A Tankless Water Heater works by heating water as you need it rather than continuously heating water that is stored in a tank. No longer will you be banging on the bathroom door telling your roommates to get out of the shower so you can use some of the remaining hot water. Some of the greatest advantages a Tankless Water Heater offers include…

–          Never run out of hot water

–          Five to ten years longer lifespan than traditional water heaters

–          Zero standby heat loss

–          Average savings of about 20% on water heating bill

–          Take up hardly any space and can be installed nearly anywhere in your home

–          Produce no greenhouse gasses

–          Can be operated with a remote control with various settings and features

–          Come with a great federal tax rebate

The installation and repair costs are a little pricier than traditional water heaters, however in the long run; the Tankless Water Heater will save you both time and money. It will also give you peace of mind because you knowing that you are helping the environment and will not have to deal with a flooded basement due to a ruptured tank. So while you are in the seemingly endless heat of the Northern Virginia summer, think about the truly endless heat you could enjoy with a Tankless Water Heater.

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