When should you replace an HVAC unit?

It is the sixth HVAC unit service call you are paying for, but still something tells you that it might be easier, but more costly, to simply replace the entire unit. The up-sell method provides businesses with the mechanism for suggesting that their clients purchase more products and services under the premise that the customer will be better off. As businesspeople ourselves, we don’t deny that the “up-sell” can be used ethically, but at the same time, as long-term members of our local community we aim to bring the best value to our customers.

A service call for an AC unit, is just that, a call for service that involves a repair or part replacement. Last year one of my customers at HAVA Tech, who continues to be a friend, had an HVAC unit that wasn’t heating/cooling while still having a running fan. For an entire year of service calls, other contractors blamed his unit’s age and encouraged him to replace the entire unit. To make a long story short, it all came down to requiring the replacement of a small, but critical part that was fixed in less than 15 minutes.

Be aware when selecting your HVAC contractors. Changing the entire unit is not always the best solution.

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